Virtual Influencer Chatbots: Why Do You Need Them in Your Business?

Have you ever entered a website to check out on their products and services, and suddenly out of nowhere, customer support live chat system popped up on one side of the window?

You have probably experienced this many times and felt a sneaking, vague suspicion that the ‘person’ on the other side of the chatbox might actually be a robot.

These are the virtual influencers that we are going to talk about in this article.


So, What Exactly are Virtual Influencers?

Virtual influencers are much like any human influencer in social media.

However, the only difference being, these are computer-generated images (CGI) with personalities which rely on AI algorithms that help them in functioning as a smarter next-gen social media influencer. 

Also, because these virtual influencers can resonate with Gen Z – the next most vital economic demographic – several brands are lining up to make use of these for boosting their company strategies. 


How to Boost Your Brand Strategy with Virtual Influencer Chatbots?

The fact that these chatbot influencers are not real humans, brands will have their creative freedom to design and conceptualize different aspects of their influencer marketing.

Here are the top three reasons for incorporating virtual influencers for your business. Let’s have a look:

  • Form Personal Associations: A virtual influencer can be a virtual buddy that can help you to know your customers better. You can create a virtual brand mascot and strike personal connections with your audience. You can even form a fictional influencer with a chatbot interface in order to allow conversations with your customers beyond just regular social media posts and boost the overall CX.
  • Modernize Old Strategies: Today, if you need to showcase your products or services, you need to provide a humanly touch to it in order to make it believable for your customers. With these virtual influencer chatbots, you can simply modernize your old strategies and deliver your message in a much tailored and nuanced manner. With these chatbots, it only gets easier to influence your customers. 
  • Cut Down on an Influencer Budget: Collaborating with virtual influencers might cost you a bomb! However, developing your own virtual influencer chatbot will allow you to spread awareness about your products and services on a budget. These can also let your community get used to your brand and form long-term trust. More often than not, these AI-powered chatbots are relatable and much more accessible for the people who can become quite a fan of your brand. 

Love them or hate them, these are absolutely here to stay! In the recent past, chatbots have become quite extraordinarily popular due to its dramatic progressions in machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with natural language processing. Today, chatbots are more responsive, smarter, and totally expedient – and we’re very likely to experience even more of these in years to come.

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