Unlocking Chatbot’s potential in redefining your career

Exciting and high in-demand, chatbots are making a wave of popularity with their seamless services and optimal support solutions. Believe it or not, these virtual assistants have become quite pivotal in our lives.

The existence of Siri, Alexa and Google have made our everyday lives nothing less than a luxury, with their prompt answers.

But the true potential of chatbots associates with the businesses where they make use of it in reaching desired milestones with seamless customer support and a myriad of other offerings.

There is today no possible domain/sector where AI and chatbots have not made an impact. The rising interest of businesses around the world in seeking the help of chatbots for cost-effective solutions and customer support making these a true asset.

Hence, for the sake of making your concrete future in AI, you can think of starting your own career in building chatbots.

You can kickstart and jump into the bandwagon with this lucrative professional certificate program from IBM that is absolutely packed with everything you need to glide up in this journey.

Basically, it gives you an idea of how to build your own chatbot for business growth and deploying it to their sites.

It offers a pool of opportunities allowing you to create a business out of chatbot building and altogether emerge with the successful growth of the business.

The key learnings of IBM Certificate Program- Building Chatbots Powered By AI:

  • Understand what chatbots are, why they are revolutionary and insights into this potential asset in making skyrocketing profits.
  • It allows you to access 3 complete courses and 17 lessons 24/7.
  • Know all about Watson Assistant and its seamless AI capabilities to build and deploy chatbots on your website or Facebook messenger.
  • Mastering you with the key principles of relevantly good chatbot design.
  • Discover how to create Node-RED applications to connect Watson Assistant with other Watson services and data sources (like Twitter) to make your chatbots smarter.
  • It ensures you to understand integrate services like Watson Discovery to query data, extract sentiment, reveal emotions & customer preferences


What is the big picture after taking this course?

  • As per Gartner’s study – “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.”
  • One can make a striking career choice by becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur, catering to businesses with this immersive technology and making money by building chatbots for businesses.
  • Look out for handsome opportunities in the website development space, as this sector is exponentially booming and always looking for new resources to help their organization.
  • Also, there are chances to get hired by IT consultancies developing web and virtual assistant solutions for enterprise customers.


Hence, certifying your chatbot building skills curate a better and bigger picture of your successful career ahead. It leaves you with an ample opportunity making businesses witness a potential market and prospect that adds to your growth and business, as a whole. Here is your golden chance to seek this highly in-demand skillset with a gentle and immersive introduction to the topic that leaves no stone unturned.

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