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Breast Cancer Detection using Machine Learning

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Before covering those thousand miles, we have to start with a small step.

While discussing in the group, our team at AIML Community noticed that people are facing hurdles while implementing their knowledge they have acquired in theory.

The projects being done in various courses are huge and tough to follow. They are not guided, in the sense that you are left lurking in the dark if you face any technical issue.

Therefore, we decided to start with a small step and do a guided project before we invest more in “Data Science for Social Good” which we are really passionate about.

  • Breast cancer detection using machine learning will be a guided project.
  • Though this is an open-source project, we have chosen to start with this so that we can take everyone along with us, even beginners.
  • We are starting with this project so that we can create a team that has practiced technical nitty-gritty with us.

We are currently planning for some projects to do in the future and you can join us as we do those projects after you have gone through and completed this project.


If you are a complete beginner, you will gain hands-on experience on Python, its libraries and Machine learning. Doing a project is always a good approach because top-down is what our brain follows.

If you are somewhat experienced in these concepts, doing a project is always a good point to start applying whatever you have read in theory.

If you are an experienced professional, you can be a mentor and a guide and help other teammates to reach some meaningful conclusion. It will sharpen your teamwork and leadership skills.

We expect you to devote 5-6 hours a week for a month to complete this project. If you wish to learn more, anything beyond this time will help you to advance your career.

Basic Python coding. If you have prior exposure to the libraries, it’s a plus but if you don’t have it, we will provide a small introduction to these.

We will be making use of Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit learn and visualization libraries like Matlpotlib. Do not be overwhelmed by these terms, we will provide some small introductory modules to these libraries which shall be helpful.

We will be applying classification algorithms to determine whether the cancer cells are benign or malignant.

After completing this project, you will receive an appreciation certificate from us that can be claimed as a valid project experience. We will rate your contribution by expert evaluation. Doing this project will also make you a participant in projects that we will be pursuing in the future. 

Different medical institutions around the globe are finding a machine learning-based solution for the diagnosis of diseases that are life-threatening. The possibility of utilizing AI in life-saving diagnosis and medicine is immense and this project is the first step in that direction.

We will provide support for the project since it’s a guided project. You can put your questions on the community and if there is something specific you can chat with your mentor. There will also be a weekly progress update of every participant.

Online once a week, one to one WhatsApp group chat/phone calls. You can also put queries on the group in

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