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CEO & Co-Founder at AideExpert Advisory

Sandeep Suryavanshi

Sandeep is the Co-Founder of AideExpert Advisory. He brings over 25 years of multi-sector experience spanning Media, Automotive, Manufacturing, Software, Hardware, and IT Services. He has a strong international focus and demonstrated capability in creating & leading winning teams at local and global levels. A recognized turnaround expert and thought leader with a strong industry presence and the ability to drive digital transformation for organizations. He has played the roles of COO, CIO, and CTO in multiple US-based MNCs.

Sandeep blogs about technology and society and has been speaker and panelist in numerous events around the world. Sandeep is an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK, and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Pune UniversityExperienced IT visionary and manager. Extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in all major Information Technology, Technical Support and Software Development technologies and large project management.

Specialties: Business Strategy, Product Strategy, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy, IT Service Management, Knowledge Management, IT Outsourcing Management, Capital Budget management, IT Infrastructure design and setup, Technical Support, Software Development, and Configuration Management for offshore development, Procurement and Vendor Management.

Global Startup Ecosystem - Ambassador at International Startup Ecosystem

Dr. Prakash Sharma

Work Experience: 27 yrs 6 mos

2011 to 2018
Have been building multiple algorithms to predict investor group dynamics, startup brand trends.. and identifying various news alerts through venture intelligence initiative as part of PhD
Designed the entire framework for automating publishing printing process, and analyzed the information and NLP applicability for the process to minimize human interventions… Conducting free sessions on data science using a mix of various tools like R/Python to build awareness.

Presently researching on Robotic Process Automation

1998 to 2003: Architected data warehouse platform to integrate data from multiple tools as well as generate source code… Designed machine learning algorithms to capture profile data and understand group dynamism within employees, worked on email data analytics.

1995-1998: Was instrumental in conceiving Remote Monitoring projects to capture data from various weather information system.. Was monitoring large Automation Projects for Plants, Worked on enterprise search optimization to intelligently capture failure points in Plant Manufacturing Solutions to study engine performances. Worked on an algorithm to capture data from aerodromes for facilitating Aerodrome Mgmt System. Performed Statistical analysis on machine data.

1992-1995: Was involved in data collection, analysis of village data for watershed development, which included studying lineaments for Deccan Plateau using a mix of Space Data, GPS Data, and Survey Data. Mapping the same & predicting locations for watershed treatments. Had conducted training on Ethnography, Library Information System… Transitioned library information systems for WALMI, DIRD and optimized search indexes using PASCAL. Installed Weather Information Systems in remote areas Performed Statistical Analysis using a software program as well as Statistical tools. Built cost prediction model on the basis of data logs from networks using Novel Netware/ Unix.

Author, Consultant, Trainer in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Python & Embed. Linux

Ganesh Naik

Author of book “Mastering Python for System Administrators”, published by Packt Publication, UK.
(Book’s link on :
Author of the book “Learning Linux Shell Scripting”, published by Packt Publication, UK.
(Book’s link on :
Co-Author of the book “Bash Cookbook”, Publisher Packt Publishing.
(link on :

Consultant & Corporate Trainer in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Embedded Linux, Device Drivers & Python Scripting


Corporate Training & Consultancy in following
Data Science/Data Analytics with Python Programming
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning with Python Scripting
Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark and PySpark
Internet of Things and Smart City Projects
Android Device Driver Development and Embedded Android
Embedded Linux & Device Drivers Development – Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, etc
USB & PCI Device Drivers Development
Linux Kernel Internals & Advanced Programming
Unix System Programming, Multi-Threading, Debugging & Make
Embedded C++/C Programming and Data Structures (MISRA C/C++ & JSF Standards)
Dale Carnegie Graduate
Certified Yoga Teacher
Multiple Entry visas of “Singapore” and “Malaysia” ready
USA B1/B2 Visa valid till May 2028.

Has worked as Corporate Trainer/Online Trainer for Corporates viz. ISRO, Intel, CISCO, GE, Samsung, Motorola, Malaysia (PSDC, Dell, Altera, Sony, Openet, Trainocate), Singapore(eACT, DSO – Defense Science Organisation, Singapore Aerospace, Thermo Fisher, I2R, Liteon), Nile Center (Sudan, Africa), L&T, CGI, Wipro, EMC2, Accenture, Patni, Emerson, Tata Elxsi, Honeywell, Syntel, Informatica, Broadcom, Alchemy, Linux Learning Center, Seed Infotech, CLSA, Crompton Greaves, Paladion etc.

Machine learning | Deep learning | Python | Tableau | Story Teller

Shibu Nair

About Shibu Nair-

– Certification in Advanced Certificate Program in Machine Learning, Mumbai
– Skills: Machine Learning, Tableau, Python, Data Mining, Retail Analytics, Marketing analytics, VBA, Visualization
– Application Developer and Project Management in a wide variety of business applications
– Capable of working in a fast-paced environment and delivering solid, successful solutions in short development cycles that hit the mark on the initial delivery.
– Ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom-line and top-line profitability
– An Enterprising Leader with abilities in mentoring & motivating large teams with consensus building, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, along with excellent communication and presentation skills
– Tool design using Microsoft Excel, Access & Tableau

Data Science Associate at ZS | Ex Monsanto Intern | IIIT SriCity

Abhishek Mamidi

About me:
– I am passionate about programming, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. I enjoy learning new things. I love traveling with friends. I also love sharing content on LinkedIn.
– My interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Time series analysis.
– I have worked on NLP(using Machine Learning and Deep Learning), participated in various Data Science and Machine Learning hackathons in recent years.
– I am comfortable using different Python libraries like Scikit-learn, Keras, NLTK, Matplotlib, Pandas. Also, used Tensorflow for some of my projects.
– I have used several Machine Learning and deep learning algorithms for solving different complex problems.

> Want to know more about my projects/hackathons?
– Here is my Github:

Roshan Kumar

About Roshan:

Skilled in designing high-performance ETL application using Ab Initio GDE 1.14, CO/OS: 2.14, 2.15, 3.0, Informatica 8.6, 9.0.1, MSBI Suit.

Experience of working in all the phases of software development life cycle including real-time L3 production support.

Good understanding of Star schema and Snow Flake schema dimensional models for building Data Warehouse.

Good knowledge over Telecom, Insurance and finance domains.

Experienced technical leader in application delivery with skills in creating accurate Technical & Status documents helpful to clients.

Specialties: ETL Development, Data warehouse/Data Mart Development, Shell Scripting, Job scheduling.

Freelancer & Data Science Consultant Moderator, Evaluator & Mentor with Great Lakes Institute of Management

Chumki Bhowmick

I have a gamut of experience from Customer service to Sales, Client handling to CEO level complaints, Project management to Change & Defect management, writing of BRD to FSD, UAT to LV testing, Data analysis to the creation of Machine learning & Deep learning models.

I have experience in process mapping, process improvement, creation of process-level documentation, and Knowledge management tool creation.

I have a successful track record of training, mentoring and team management.

I have a stint of 6 years in banking domain.

I love to work in a dynamic role of handling operations with an open environment of continuous process improvement and leading various projects including Data Science Projects.

Data Science Projects

  • Help the team with building complex dashboards
  • Help the team create complex data processing R scripts
  • Manage team to execute frequent data updates
  • Improve the current process

Project Management

  • Weekly executive update calls with the clients
  • Get the change requests
  • Manage change request & defects fix, implemented & deployed
  • Helping team with key documentations BRO, FSD and User Manuals

Freelancer Projects:

  • Twitter Analytics on Sophia with applied geography in R.
  • Supply chain optimization.
  • Analysis of time series in R comparing ARIMA with 2 other models.
  • Predicting Remaining utility life.
  • Portfolio Optimisation.
  • Actuarial Science Analytics.
  • Posterior Analytics using Bayesian regression Rstan () Model Validation with multiple iteration Monte Carlo Chains.
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