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Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing Human Resources

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but today its presence is bigger than ever before. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it when a new AI-powered system, tool, or product appears and outperforms us, humans. In fact, AI is affecting human life on all kinds of levels varying from:

  • The automation of tedious, time-consuming tasks

  • The augmentation of human capabilities 

  • The amplification of human functions

While most of the use of this AI technology is still elementary at the moment, it is radically transforming our everyday lives; both professionally and personally.


Artificial Intelligence in HR

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Know the facts

Some Not-So-Easy Recruitment Facts

Knowing these hiring statistics will keep you in the loop with the latest recruitment trends and give you some new, fresh ideas for improving your recruitment efforts

How AI Recruitment Trends Will Help?
  • Enhanced Recruiting Volume

  • Quality Comes Over Quantity

  • Increased AI Approach

  • Hiring Decisions As Per AI

  • Big Data & Analytics Processes

  • Redesigned Interview Techniques

  • Positive Candidate Experiences

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Some more facts

What Recruiters think of AI?

AI for recruiting is an emerging category of HR technology designed to reduce — or even remove — time-consuming activities like manually screening resumes.

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Recruiters believe that Talent Acquisition has been enhanced with AI

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Candidate Screening Time has been Reduced by Artificial Intelligence

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Increased Talent Retention due to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

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Companies are reusing the time spent on recruitment on Admin Jobs

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