AI and Robotics All Set to Reshape the Job Market in 2019-20

Multiple job responsibilities, working till late in the night, strict deadlines, and pursuing greater targets – this is how the current IT industry looks like, isn’t it?

If you are going to be a part of this industry soon, do you think you stand a chance to be on top of this?

Obviously, yes! It’s true that working in such pressure in the IT industry isn’t really a cakewalk and regardless of how new and surprising things appear at the work front, you need to simply stick with it, because it’s the best for you. 

A huge change has been seen in the IT business in the past few years, all thanks to the consistent ascent in the field of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

Organizations are seen getting on board with the AI fleeting trend to take advantage of this worthwhile field.

When we actually think about Robotics and AI, we feel that it’s all about getting surrounded by robots, who will help us in whatever we do.

However, a close study into the matter will make you realize how different AI is from Robotics and that, both of these are absolutely different entities.

So, whether robotics is essentially a part of AI or is it something totally different from the latter, let’s find out. 


First, let’s know the difference

AI and Robotics are not very similar things.

Robotics is basically a little part of technology which just manages and deals with programmable machines. In general, planning, building and programming physical robots is the thing that robotics takes care of.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is totally different from this though. 

Artificial Intelligence is a part of software engineering or computer science.

Directly from building up a PC program to achieving different tasks which include human intelligence.

A few aspects like learning, recognition, critical thinking, language-understanding, and sensible thinking can be effectively handled by all effective AI algorithms.

From Google searches to Amazon’s Alexa, AI projects are developing numerous fronts. 

The key distinction between these two is “intelligence”.

Non-AI programs essentially complete a characterized grouping of directions however, AI projects copy some degree of human insights.


How AI and Robotics will Impact the Job Markets in 2019-20?

Here are a few points which will help you to understand how these two aspects will impact the job market in the years to come. Let’s have a look:

  • Efficient Time Management: The individuals who find recruiting an easy process are sadly mistaken.  Truth be told, most sought after jobs that need to pull candidates require serious procedures. What’s more, here’s when automation becomes an integral factor. Not utilizing such technology would cause the selection professionals to commit roughly 33% of their week to physically source candidates. While utilizing automated selection processes, they can bring the absolute best individuals for open employments which is basically an increasingly effective procedure. In addition, we have done a lot of work already and it’s now time that technology proves its worth.  So, when AI will start doing its work, the professionals can focus on other job work. 
  • Multiple Tasks Possible: As per various researches, 60% of employment needs at least half of the activities that can be easily automated. With many companies exploring the different ways to experiment with the technology, professionals will find a few changes in their already existing jobs every single day. So, with automation, a company can perform several tasks at one go. Whether it’s about recruiting employees, shortlisting resumes, conducting meetings, or performing simple tasks every single day in office, AI has proven its worth in every single sector. 
  • Much Improved Skills: From several years people have been worried about how robots can replace the jobs that human does. If we take a much broader view, we will realize that robotics can actually improve skills for professionals in the workplace. With greater knowledge about AI and robotics, professionals can now understand its concepts better and implement the same in their work. It has incessantly increased their outputs and having extra knowledge about this field has made many professionals acquire higher skills and better job opportunities. 
  • Get Employed Faster & Easier: Although a major part of professionals is keen on looking for new job opportunities with better pay scales, the activity involved in doing so can actually be tiresome. More often than not, they come across profiles which aren’t suitable for them at all. So, recently it has been observed that AI and robotics have aided the job seekers worldwide to look for employment possibilities in a streamlined manner and have also encouraged them to apply for the same. There are a few AI chatbots used by the recruitment organizations that ask the candidates about their professional and personal backgrounds, and then match their profiles with the appropriate positions. This process reduces a lot of time to interview and also cuts down on the hiring costs. 


What the AI Future Holds?

AI and robotics are everywhere. From smartphones to smart TVs, from home systems to office spaces, you cannot simply avoid them and it’s actually good for you to have them by your side.

It has been upping the game of technology ever since its inception and for any business professionals, this field has become a prerequisite to better performance, for personally and as a team.

Businesses everywhere have started incorporating AI in their office spaces in order to be at par with their competitors and for much more positive customer experience.

All said and done, it has already been proven that AI and Robotics are all set to reshape the job market and it has been doing so since the past few years.

Watch out for some more innovations in your workplace as this technology is here to stay and thrive in the years to come. 

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