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About the Community?

As the name says it all, AI ML community is about Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiasts, who are keen to prosper their career with learning, connecting and raising their chances of getting hired by companies.

Basically, AI ML community is a platform for analytics and data science professionals where sharing of knowledge is encouraged.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of highly aspirational, result-driven data science specialists who have been in the industry from decades now.

The idea is to make the word clear, loud and noticeable for the fellow data scientists and evolve their career just like Artificial intelligence and machine learning is booming career.Why AI and ML?

Why AI and ML?

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are trending widely in the tech industry. AI is basically making computer programs that are equivalent in smartness just like humans and imitate the human mind behavior.

On the other hand, Machine learning is a subset of AI. It is a science of designing and applying programs that are efficient to learn things from past cases.

The two together are driving a transitional impact to replace humans from the workforce. These technologies have touched the tip of the iceberg, not leaving any stone unturned in any sector from its endless use cases.

Why AI ML Community?

AI ML Community is a prospective ecosystem that shall empower AI ML professionals to avail opportunities that they will be proud of.

Not just that, it is the easiest user-friendly stage wherein not only a candidate’s recruitment chances are high but learning, networking and supporting each other in the community, holds vast significance too.

For AI, ML & Data Science Professionals

What you can find inside our Community?

As the idea is simple — grow, groom, network and get hired. The place is all about abundant opportunities for AI ML aspirants

Job Seeking

Job seeking professionals can filter in desired opportunities

Learn Technology

Learn new attributes, trends, and latest technology about AI ML and beyond


Network with elite talent, subject matter experts and know the insights

Support & Guide

Support/help each other by sharing a pool of knowledge/learnings


Meetups and look at real-life industry problems and opportunities

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Our Team

We have a Visionary Team

We are extremely pleased to create a next-generation AI ML community that not only harbors career growth but also offer key insights from the field. Our team comprises of spearheaded data science professionals who understand the need of the hour and the future to come.

Rakesh Ghumatkar


Rakesh is a founder and CEO of AIML Community, Perfect People Search- an organization for sourcing and outsourcing skilled talents in India and across the globe. His expertise in the Talent Acquisition and visionary for the potential market enables a robust platform. He is a founder and CEO of Perfect People Search, an organization for sourcing and outsourcing skilled talents in India and across the globe. Apart from his proficiency in the recruitment industry, he is a co-organiser at bizAmica, focuses on offering data science and analytics services. He is on-point in his vision of scaling job Genius to new heights.

Rahul Bhanose


Rahul is an accomplished technologist, thought leader and speaker at technology forums. He is an IIT Bombay alumnus. With two decades of experience, he is a CTO and Machine Learning Consultant @ bizAmica Software and organizer of “Data Science and Machine Learning meet” having 1150+ members. Rahul is a business and technology management professional with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and lean discipline. He conducts workshops on “Hands-on Machine Learning with Python” for aspiring data scientists. He is an ex-Indus Software (Banking technology company) and a Big Data certified.

Sandeep Suryavanshi


Sandeep is the Co-Founder of AideExpert Advisory. He brings over 25 years of multi-sector experience spanning Media, Automotive, Manufacturing, Software, Hardware, and IT Services. He has a strong international focus and demonstrated capability in creating & leading winning teams at local and global levels. A recognized turnaround expert and thought leader with a strong industry presence. He has played the roles of COO, CIO, and CTO in multiple US-based MNCs. Specialties: Business Strategy, Product Strategy, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy, IT Service Management, Knowledge Management.

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