5 AI Applications That Are Beyond Your Thinking

When we say AI has taken over almost all niches and sectors we say it for real.

Artificial intelligence has not spared any area with its vast reach and has made an unbelievable, revolutionary impact.

You are absolutely making use of AI in your day to day life from Siri, Netflix to Spotify. Or not just that, you might have heard of robots playing chess, poker and other games?

But there are some untouched chords that will simply blow your mind.

The applications and advancements in AI are definitely reaching to an unprecedented future.

So, no more wait. Let’s get through it:


1. Self Drive Cars

Yes, self-driving cars through AI is a thing, peeps. Cars that drive through virtual drivers with the help of Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary step that is there to make some of the most awe-inspiring breakthrough results in the near future.

While Tesla was amongst the first creating their self-driven cars — Audi, Volvo and others are also in the league.

Time is near when human drivers have to take a back seat while virtual self-drive cars will ride the world. After all, who knows?


2. Photographs help you buy

While scrolling through the internet, there must be something or the other that would have drawn your attention, and you land up taking the photograph.

Well, Amazon, the giant has now incorporated an enticing feature called visual search option in its mobile application.

All you need to do is take the image of the item and you will be witnessed by a bunch of similar items to shop, at the palm of your hands.

AI has dramatically squeezed the lag between those “moments of inspiration” to an eventual purchase.


3. A better ecosystem

A sustainable development pattern is a need for a better world tomorrow. If we say, AI is capable to do several wondrous things for a better future, don’t faint.

Like what? Like, save the ecosystem from the hazardous effects of human beings on it.

There are several ways in which AI helps in alleviating future damage and better guides in addressing developmental needs taking care of sustainability.

Microsoft is already ahead in this stride, using AI to study land-use patterns with terrain maps.


4. AI in medical applications

Not just saving the ecosystem, but the applications and advancements in the field of medicine are unreal too.

AI and deep learning help doctors to diagnose cancer promptly.

The Chinese startup Infervision is predominantly working on using Artificial intelligence and image recognition technologies to identify the early signs of cancer.

If the application of AI in diagnosing such diseases could help, it can absolutely save many lives.

And who knows, there comes a solution to alleviate such epidemic diseases in the first place.


5. Cracking the best flight deal

No wonder, the travel, and tourism industry are getting notoriously competitive and every year, it does not fail to witness a more intense neck to neck competition.

Also, booking your air tickets could be a  challenging thing depending on the time period you should book in order to crack the best deal.

Sometimes it is preferred to be booked ahead of the time and in some scenarios, the last moment will offer you the best cheapest bet.

Hence, AI helps with predictive data analytics. Hopper application is one name that uses AI to send customers alerts with predictive analysis of the cheapest time to buy their flight tickets to the desired destination.

It brilliantly analyzes billions of prices every day and on the basis of the data history of each route, it carries deep anticipation on how the prices are going to evolve.


Concluding Thoughts:

Did it make you believe the possible impact of AI on the world? AI is evolving impeccably today and certainly unleashing new milestones that are some time back, not even given a thought.

If it does not generate some major inventions akin to sci-fi movies, at least, it can do its bit in making human life easier, powered with some unexpected inventions.

The only thing that arises concern is how humans can team up with AI to display a full-blown strategy and creative potential to make this world a better place.